ElevonX Guardian

Professional grade safety and landing parachute

Key features:

  • Reliable deployment in extreme flight conditions
  • Made of certified parachute material
  • Toroidal shape offers best ratio between packed volume and canopy size
  • Hand crafted in Slovenia, Europe

Technical details

ElevonX Guardian is a family of parachutes developed both for UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) recovery and as a UAV safety parachute that can be deployed in extreme flight conditions (stall, inverted flight, dive – tested with our SkyEye WE 5.0 UAV prototype).
Parachutes are hand sawn using top grade parachute materials and carefully inspected prior to shipment.

Parachute system consist of the following components:

  • ElevonX Guardian parachute (size depends on targeted UAV MTOW – Maximum Take-Off Weight)
  • Depolyment bag (customizable to suit available parachute bay on your UAV)
  • Large pilot chute for reliable deployment
  • Two-stage soft parachute opening system – to minimize stress on the UAV airframe
  • Shock chord
  • 4 point harness for stable descent and distributed load during parachute deployment phase
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Selected toroidal parachute shape offers the best compromise between packed volume and parachute drag coefficent, providing soft landing for you UAV and onboard equipment.

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