ElevonX Scorpion

Elastic launcher

Key features:

  • Up to 1 kJ launch energy (16 m/s take-off velocity @8 kg MTOW – Maximum Take-Off Weight)
  • Man portable (16 kg weight)
  • Foldable construction with transport case
  • Catapult carriage with customizable fixed arms (foldable arms optional)
  • Redundant safety features
  • Upgradeable to pneumatic – up to 3 kJ launch energy (projection)

Technical details

The ElevonX Scorpion elastic launcher was engineered from the bottom up with safety, durability and ease of use in mind. Foldable construction allows a single operator to prepare it for the launch and access remote areas using our launche rtransport bag. Redundant safety features and supplied check list guide you to a safe launch every time.

Safety Features

“Safety first” was our moto when designing the ElevonX Scorpion elastic launcher. Every step of the launch procedure was thoroughly examined and appropriate safety measures built into the launcher or included into the check-list guided safety procedure that allows the operator to safely and sucessfully launch the UAV.

  • Rubber bands enclosed in the launcher tube – no risk of damage to opertor or equipment in case of rubber band failure
  • Reliable release mechanism
  • Safety pin
  • Rear-mounted winch mechanism
  • Check list, “Remove before launch” tags, comprehensive user guide
  • Operation and maintenance training (optional)


Materials and Technology

Only high end materials and components are build in our launcher in order to give you the best possible product and allow you to perform hundreds of launches with minimal maintenance.

  • CNC machined aluminium and stainless steel components
  • Industrial grade linear guide with grease free ball carriage
  • Marine grade pully system
  • Powder coated for increased protection
  • Professional grade speargun rubber bands
  • Length and number of bands customizable in order to facilitate your targeted UAV MTOW


Maximum UAV takeoff velocity with respect to UAV takeoff mass.


Carriage and foldable arms are designed for SkyEye modular UAV system, but the ElevonX Scorpion can quickly be modified to accomodate your UAV platform. Custom adaptor between carriage and your UAV can be designed and CNC machined according to your specifications.

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